We, Koto Electric Group, offer a variety of hermetic seals and high performance specialty lamps which are trusted by customers worldwide. Hermetic Seals are mainly used as package quartz crystal for mobile phones, watches, computers and car components such as seat-belts and airbags, etc. We also offer high performance specialty lamps which are used in films, TV, stage lighting, retail lighting and fishing. We will continue to try our best to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Koto produces, develops, sells, and maintains various kinds of lighting equipment's per users' demands. We always do our best to meet customers' requirements from our own through oversea products such as special order and handy items.

We have established the LED division in accordance with the increasing demand for LED market. It has enabled much easier to cover any requirement of the lamps for stage/studio, fishing, and shop/store. We also do further research and development of LED products with our own knowledge accumulated as a lamp maker for a long time.
Become the leader of our industry
1. Contribute to society through quality products and services
2. Contribute to our community and country by increasing profits
3. Prosper with our customers
4. Fulfill the expectations of our stockholders
5. Promote employee motivation and satisfaction
6. Exist in harmony with the local and global environment