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LCD Surface Protection, Water/Moisture Prevention, and Anti-reflection
Best utilizing the glass-to-glass and glass-to-resin bonding technology established in the production of optical filters, we have launched the business of bonding cover glass on LCD module/panel. We excel at small-lot, multi-variety production.
Anti-reflective coating on cover glass is also available.


Glass Edge Grinding Service / Grinding Machine
We provide the glass corner/edge grinding services using the following grinding machines which we originally developed for our optical filter production.
These machines are also for sale.

Chamfer and Radius (CR) Grinding Machine / Wet Process

Glass Edge Grinding Machine / Wet Process

Thick Film Formation on Glasses
TPG Process

Although glass has excellent transparency, heat resistance, mechanical strength and electrical property, it is hard to be plated. The surface of the glass needs to be modified for adhesion between the plating film and the glass itself. Surface treatment, however, degrades the excellent characteristics of glass. Our Thick Plating on Glass (TPG) technology enables formation of high adhesive metal film on glass without any surface modification.

No etching: No glass surface modification needed
All wet process: Enable uniform formation of conductive film on 3D structure
High adhesion: 0.6 kN/m (Film thickness: 20mm)*1、600kN/m㎡ (Film thickness: 10mm)*1 or over
Thick film: 20mm-or-thicker film available (Cu, Ni, Sn, Au, Ag, etc.)

Sodium glass, Borosilicate glass, Non-alkali glass, Quartz glass, etc.

Plating on powder using UV irradiation in water
Irradiation of UV on powder in water as a pre-treatment using a dedicated system enables formation of uniform plating film and reduction in material costs. The technology is also environmentally-friendly. Low melting-point metal plated powder can be used as bonding material.

Plating on polycarbonate
Although polycarbonate (PC) has excellent mechanical strength, transparency, and heat resistance, it is hard to be plated. Therefore, other resin needs to be mixed to make PC substrate for plating. Now our UV pre-treatment for surface modification allows you to form a conductive layer on a substrate made of PC resin only.