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Hermetic Seals

Hermetic Seals for Quartz Oscillators

High vacuum, high reliability hermetic seals for quartz oscillators. Extremely small size available.

Features Using Glass to Metal Seal (GTMS) technology, the cap is pressed in the stem to keep the high vacuum inside the cap with high durability.
Uses Various electronic components for clocks and watches, home electric appliances, cell phones, tablet PC, and automotive parts
Spec Stem (Hermetic seals): Glass-to-metal sealed parts plated with lead-free solder (heat resistant solder also available)
Cap: Cylindrical parts which are formed by deep drawing press and finished with nickel plating.
High levels of hermeticity can be easily created by simply pressing the stem in the cap.

Hermetic Seals for Automotive Parts

Hermetic seals for the parts used in automotive seat belt pretensioner that require the high level of reliability that automotive manufacturers demand.

Features High pressure resistance
Uses Gas generator for electric seat belt pretensioner
Spec Connector pin-shaped leads
Selective gold plating
Hermetic seals with sufficient strength

Hermetic Seals for Industrial Use

High quality hermetic seals that suit customers' needs (e.g. bent or crushed lead, lead with stepped section, adhesion by wax, pipe sealing)

Features Glass to Metal Seal (GTMS) is a highly reliable technology which is even used for artificial satellites and airplanes.
Uses Various components that require hermeticity, vacuum, heat radiation and shield (e.g. surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, converter, photo diode, pyroelectric infrared sensor, Optical sensor, actuator and testing device)
Spec Koto offers matched seals and compression seals depending on the combination of materials used.
*Matched Seals
Consists of metal and glass that have almost the same thermal expansion coefficient in a wide temperature range. Less restrictions on the shape of the metal
Base metal: Kovar (KOV)
Glass: Borosilicate glass
*Compression Seals
Utilizing the difference in thermal expansion coefficient between metal and glass, concentric compressive stress is designed to be applied on the glass. Higher mechanical strength can be attained than by matched seal.
Base metal: Alloy 42
Glass: Barium silicate glass

Glass Preform

Granular glass powder is pressed and formed into various shapes of preforms which are used for the parts of hermetic seals. Tiny preforms are also available for miniaturized electronic components.

Features We can offer high quality preforms to satisfy customers demands. Our consistent production system from designing metal molds to processing preforms enables short lead time.
Uses Used to hermetically seal glass and metal
Spec Borosilicate glass is used for matched seals and barium silicate glass is used for compression seals. We can offer the colors of black, white, blue, green, brown, and reddish brown, etc.