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Koto Electric Group offers a variety of high-performance lamps, LED lamps and hermetic seals which are trusted by customers worldwide. We have recently expanded into a new line of business including plated devices which uses our unique plating technology.

We supply high-performance lamps for film shooting, TV broadcasting, stage lighting, fishing, Industrial illumination and facility lighting.

Our hermetic seals are primarily used for quartz oscillator metal packages which are used in mobile phones, clocks and watches, and computers; and the parts used in automotive seat belts and airbags.

Koto promote direct plating on glass, resin plating with ultraviolet (UV) pretreatment and UV irradiation equipment, practical application of devices plated with our new technology.

Koto Lighting Division is comprised of three sectors:Stage and Studio,Marine, and Industry and Facility.

Stage and Studio - Various lighting equipments using our own technology are widely used in TV and film shooting, photography, and stage sets.
Marine - We produce a wide range of on-board and underwater lamps including our self-developed slim lamps built to individual requirements.
Industry and Facility - We manufacture and distribute compact, high-efficiency, and long-life lamps as well as high-performance LED lamps.
Koto Lighting Division is a total lighting solutions provider and can confidently respond to the wide ranging needs of it's customers.


Koto Electric Group proceeds with the development of unique technology for hermetic seals to respond to the needs of customers in a timely manner.

We manufacture and distribute hermetic seals for small cylindrical quartz oscillators which are mainly used in cell phones; and hermetic seals for automobile airbags and seat belts. We also manufacture customized hermetically-sealed metal packages for electronic components.
In addition, our optical products, namely, direct view filament displays for aerospace are manufactured using our hermetic seals technology. They are widely used in the aerospace industry around the world.


Through the merger of the technologies accumulated in the production of lighting and hermetic seals products, we are now embarking on a new business.

The new business sector includes:
i) Resin plating with ultraviolet (UV) pretreatment and UV irradiation equipment
ii) Direct plating on glass
iii) Plated devices utilizing our unique technology
iv) Plating on device components compatible with high-speed transmission
v) Panel plating utilizing our plating and lamination technology, and
vi) We will make our products compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) devices.