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The new original product:「DECKLIGHT」Ballastless mercury lamp alternative LED

Announcement of SSTV Lamps Price Increase

Dear Our Distributors
And To Whom It May Concern,

This is with no pleasure that I must inform you that due to the increase in our material costs,
labor cost and shrinking market, we must unfortunately raise the price of Lamps for SSTV.

Please see the picture above.

Announcement of Halogen Price Increase

New DiS-180H VIVID

ARRI feedback on KOTO DIS-180 VIVID


Please find a summary of ARRI’s test results of Koto’s discharge lamp DIS-180H VIVID.

All tests were conducted in ARRI’s own light laboratory located in R&D department at
ARRI Stephanskirchen, Germany.

Beside a primary test in a sphere all test were performed with latest ARRI gear and
technology. For the tests with DIS-180H VIVID an ARRIMAX 18/12 lamphead and a High
Speed electronic ballast EB 12/18 AutoScan were used.

Temperature tests:
@ 45°C temperature all test points were within limits.
@ 25°C the lamp base was below limits even at 75° tilt angle (which is not
permitted; only for reference)

Photometric tests @ 75 and 1000 Hz:
1. Sphere (all three lamps) after 0 h and 10 h
a. Power slightly below nominal values ~17500 W @both 75 & 1000 Hz
b. CCT ~6700 K @75 Hz and ~7000 K @1000 Hz

2. Illuminance and Intensity a 0 h and 10 h
a. Slight increase after 10 h (as expected)
b. Slightly higher values for 1000 Hz (compared to 75 Hz)
c. All values on nominal / reference level

3. Color metrics at 10 h
a. CCT approx. 300 K higher in 1000 Hz mode
b. CCT variation from 7500 K (max Spot) down to 6300 K (max Flood)
c. Deviation from black body curve -0,002 to – 0,007 dCP
d. CRI >95 all angles with R9 87 – 96 (max Spot)
e. TM 30-15 Rf >94 (75 Hz) resp. >95 (1000 Hz)
f. TLCI between 96 and 100 !!

The new KOTO VIVID 18k discharge lamp performed more than well in both areas –
temperature and lighting quality. While the output is already a punch the new lamp turns
the ARRIMAX 18/12 into a new benchmark in terms of color rendition. Values up 100 in
various metrics show the possibilities of an state of the art daylight system – driven by
latest ARRI ballast technology and running in on and only the ARRIMAX 18/12 the KOTO
DIS-180 VIVID did more than good.

Thanks to the entire R&D team at KOTO. Of course, now knowing the VIVID, ARRI
expects an entire range of new discharge lamps. ARRI would like to encourage KOTO to
continue this road of development. We, ARRI, promise to push the boundaries of daylight
technology also in the future.


Florian Bloch

Head of Product Management – BU Lighting

Stephanskirchen, April 3rd 2017