原田 進

Message from the President

原田 進
Koto Electric Co., Ltd. President/CEO Susumu Harada
  • Inventing Inspiration at Niche Tops and Contributing to the World.
  • With digital networks, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, electric vehicles, and a decarbonized society driven by renewable energy, the pace of social change is accelerating day by day. IOT became a reality, everything was connected by the Internet, the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G) became common as well, and the sixth generation mobile communication system (6G) also began to be in sight. It can be said that the fusion of hardware and software will begin in earnest from now on. It can be said that the fusion of hardware and software will begin in earnest from now on. under such social change, Koto will develop a variety of new initiatives around the world.
  • The Lighting Division will start the development of more advanced, high-value-added LED lighting products based on the concept of the integration of hardware and software, and aim to provide innovation to the lighting markets for cinematography, TV stations, stage, and still photography, industrial and facility lighting, and the marine market. In addition, the world’s best technology of halogen and metal halide lamps, which are high-light light sources, has won the world’s top position by supplying unique products only relized by Koto, from the fishing lights to the movie shooting and TV studios.
  • The Airtight Terminals Division supports cutting-edge technologies in industries such as military, aerospace, medical, and high-speed communications using metallic hermetic technology that is superior in quality and reliability from around the world. In addition, display lighting using tungsten filament, a unique technology, has grown to support the aviation industry.
  • In light of the speed of IOT, The Device Division will lead the world of IOT with the world’s most advanced UV technology and surface treatment devices that support 5G and 6G compatible high-speed communications, large-capacity communications, and high-performance image sensors, and will support the affluent lives of people around the world with technological innovation from behind the scenes.
「Compact Makes Impact」
In an era of ever-accelerating social change, Koto promises to fuse niche top technological innovation with conventional technologies and create great excitement with a sense of speed. In addition to Japan, Europe and the United States, we will strengthen our partnerships with the Asian economies, centering on China, which continues to make great strides, to supply and provide the world’s best products and services on a global scale, deliver innovation and excitement to customers, and contribute to society as a whole.


VISION Provide the impression with Niche Top.
MISSION Support world behind the scenes with technology advance, and contribute to prosperity.
  1. Contribute to the Society with the ideas.
  2. Keep in mind the prosperity together.
  3. Live together in the region and the earth.
  4. Take it as an opportunity at change of society.
  5. Challenging will lead the conviction.
  6. No Team welfare, No impression.

Company Profile

Head Offce
  • 2-17-3 Ryusen,Taito-Ku,Tokyo 110-0012,Japan
TEL. 81-3-5808-1755 / FAX. 81-3-5808-1760
President & CEO Susumu Harada
Established August 1947
Share Capital 97 million yen
Stockholder’s Equity 1.7 billion yen
Total area of factories/offices Site Area 12,775㎡ / Building Area 10,646㎡
Business Description Manufacture and sales of specialty lamps for photographic, cinematographic, TV and stage lighting
  • Manufacture and sales of specialty lamps used for fisheries industry. Manufacture and sales of hermetic seals for various electronic devices.
Manufacturing and sales of opticarboning processed product.
Employees 143(until 31 March, 2023)
Sales Volume 3,160,000,000 yen(until 31 Mar, 2023)
Main Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(Kinshicho branch) / The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Komagome branch)
Board of Directors and Auditor
  • President / CEO Susumu Harada
  • Vice President Shinji Harada(Lamp Division: General Manager)
  • Director Shigeo Onitake(Hermetic Seals Division: General Manager)
  • Operating Officer Norimasa Ishikawa(Head Office: Financial Planning Department Manager)
  • Operating Officer Kazuyuki Hamada(Lamp Division: Assistant General Manager )
  • Operating Officer Yoshitaka Muraki(Hermetic Seals Division: Administration Department Manager)
  • Operating Officer Daisuke Uchida(Lamp Division: LED Development General Manager)
  • Operating Officer Taro Harada(Lamp Division: Sales Department Manager)
  • Operating Officer Suguru Ito(Lamp Division: Sales Department General Manager)
  • Operating Officer Jun Tsuboi(Hermetic Seals Division: General Manager)
  • Operating Officer Masatoshi Takayama(Device Division: Surface Treatment Department General Manager)
  • Auditor Akira Okamoto
  • Company History

    1947 Established a head office and factory in Fukagawa, Koto-ku,Tokyo and began manufacturing of large incandescent lamps for cinemato-graphic lighting.
    1956 Develops and starts the manufacture of hermetic seals for transistors and rectifiers.
    1957 Moved head office and factory to Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo due to business expansion.
    1961 Established the Urawa plant to start mass-production of hermetic seals and to meet the increasing export demand for large lamps.
    1965 Established Koshin Electric Co.,Ltd. in Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo as a plant for manufacturing hermetic seals.
    1966 Moved head office to Komagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and concentrated all to manufacturing at Urawa plant.
    1970 Moved Koshin Electric Co.,Ltd. to Aoki, Kawaguchi and established Kyushu Koto Electric Co.,Ltd. in Kikuchi, Kumamoto.
    1974 Developed and started manufacturing of hermetic seals for quartz crystal. Developed aircraft display lamps and started manufacturing and developing halogen lamps for the fisheries.
    1976 Established a sales company, Ocean Lamp Co.,Ltd, to meet increasing sales of halogen lamps for the fisheries industry.
    1977 Merges Koto Electric Co.,Ltd. Koshin Electric Co.,Ltd, and Kyushu Koto Electric Co.,Ltd. reorganized them as the head office/Urawa Plant, Kawaguchi Plant and Kumamoto Plant.
    1979 Developed and started manufacturing of metal halide lamps.
    1983 Developed and started manufacturing of 20kw halogen lamps for film and stage lighting and underwater metal halide lamps.
    1987 Developed compact arc metal halide lamps for stage and studio lighting.The international sales division of hermetic seals gains independent of Koto and forms Wakoh Corporation.Koto’s 40th anniversary celebration with share capital doubled to 72million yen.
    1988 Established Koto Bunkogen Co.,Ltd. to meet the increasing need for new technology in light sources for spectral analysis in the photometering field. Ocean Lamp Co.,Ltd. changes its name to Koto Luminous Corporation.
    1989 Established an office in Sanwamachi, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki to develop and manufacture light souces for spectral analytical
    1997 In line with its merger with ADLT Corporation(USA), Koto Luminous Co.,Ltd. renames itself as Venture Lighting Japan,Inc. and starts the manufacture and sales of retail lighting systems. In line with business expansion, Koto moves the Lamp Division from Urawa office to Ibaraki while relocates the Hermetic Seals Division of the Kawaguchi office to Urawa.
    2001 Signed an exclusive contact with GE Lighting(USA) for marketing Koto’s products in US and Europe and as a result, Koto closes down it’s office – Koto Corporation- in US. Koto’s Hermetic Seals Division obtains ISO 9001 certification.
    2003 The Metal Surface Processing Group of Hermetic Seals Division (Kawaguchi factory ) obtains ISO14001 certification.The Domestic Sales division of the Specialty Lamp Division gains independent of Koto Electric and forms Koto Lighting Co.,Ltd. Venture Lighting Co.,Ltd. changes its name to Koto Luminous Co.,Ltd.
    2005 Koto Electric Co., Ltd merges with Koto Luminous Co., Ltd to form Koto Electric Co., Ltd. Established Koto Electric(Tanshan)Co.,Ltd in Tanshan city, Hebei province, China.
    2009 Koto establishes a Lighting Division in the Urawa office. Relocated the head office registration from Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture to Taito-ku, Tokyo.
    2018 Established KOTO Electric North America, Inc. in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.
    2021 Moved Urawa Factory to Kawaguchi Factory.

Base Introduction

Head Office / Tokyo Sales Office

2-17-3 Ryusen Taito-Ku,Tokyo 110-0012 Japan

  • TEL. 81-3-5808-1755 / FAX. 81-3-5808-1760
  • ・Tokyo Sales Office
  • TEL. 81-3-5808-1850 (Domestic Studio Sales Division)
  • TEL. 81-3-5808-1912 (Overseas Studio Sales Division)
  • TEL. 81-3-5808-1913 (Commercial Facility Division)
  • TEL. 81-3-5808-1911 (Marine Sales Division)
  • FAX. 81-3-5808-1910 (For all Sales Division)
Access Map (click here)
Kawaguchi Plant 4-14-2 Aoki, Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0031, Japan TEL. 81-48-255-5211 / FAX. 81-48-256-5623 Access Map (click here)
Kumamoto Plant 988 Fujita, Kikuchi, Kumamoto 861-1309, Japan TEL. 81-968-25-4144 / FAX. 81-968-25-4145 Access Map (click here)
Ibaraki Plant 1279-2 Owada Koga Ibaraki, 306-0111, Japan TEL. 81-280-76-8710 / FAX. 81-280-76-8715 Access Map (click here)

Group Enterprises

KOTO Electric(Tangshan)Co., LTD.

KOTO Electric(Tangshan)Co., LTD. was established on December 13th, 2005, as a self-owned company, in Tangshan City High-Technology Development Zone. Manufacturing plant consists of 2 buildings. At the first building, fishing lamps and studio lamps are mainly produced and the second building is used as an equipment remodeling ground and a temporary material warehouse.

Location No.287, Huayan North Road,Tangshan High tech Industrial Park, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China TEL. 86-315-3852233
Representatives President Shinji Harada General Manager/Director Li Guogang
Establishment December 13th, 2005
Share Capital USD2,950,000
Total area Area 18,813㎡ / Building Area 9,207㎡
Business Description Production and sales for fishing lamps, studio lamps, and their accessories and devices.
Employees 106(in the end of Sept, 2023)
Sales CNY32,980,000 (in the end of Dec, 2023)
Management system standards ISO9001 (2018)
Officers: President: Shinji Harada Director: Susumu Harada General Manager/Director: Li Guogang Director: Yu Yao Executive secretary: Norimasa Ishikawa
KOTO Electric North America, Inc.
Location 7401 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Unit 29 North Hollywood, CA 91605 TEL:818-308-6347
President Taro Harada
Establishment 2018
Business Description It is the local subsidiary established by KOTO Electric Co., Ltd. in Hollywood, LA. KOTO NA deals studio & stage lamps and fishing lamps, mainly as an agency.
Company Policy VISION Provide the impression with Niche Top.MISSION Support world behind the scenes with technology advance, and contribute to prosperity. VALUE ・Contribute to the Society with the ideas. ・Keep in mind the prosperity together. ・Live together in the region and the earth. ・Take it as an opportunity at change of society. ・Challenging will lead the conviction. ・No Team welfare, No impression.
KOTO NSI Co., Ltd.
Origin of the company KOTO Networks & Systems Integrated Corporation
Location 2-17-3 Ryusen Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0012
Officer President and Representative Director:Susumu Harada Director:Shinji Harada Director:Norimasa Ishikawa Executive secretary:Akira Okamoto
Establishment Feb 2nd, 1987
Share Capital JPY12,000,000
Business description Expanding device business by asset management (including leasing), and mainly by purchasing and selling device products

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