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Privacy Policy

KOTO Electric Co., Ltd. enacts privacy policy regarding appropriate protection and use of personal information based on Personal Information Protect Act and makes it public.

(1) KOTO does not use personal information out of purpose except such occasions as prescribed by law.

(2) KOTO properly manages personal information and prevents leaks.

(3) KOTO properly complies with complaint regarding personal information.

(4) KOTO keeps improving policy on initiatives regarding personal information.

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  • ※ Responsible department will be different depend of the product
  • ※ Call inquiry available on weekdays 9:00 - 17:00
  • ※ May not respond to the after-hours

Lighting Division

Department in charge: Stage and Studio Department

  • TEL:81-3-5808-1850
  • FAX:81-3-5808-1910

Department in charge: Marine Department

  • TEL:81-3-5808-1911
  • FAX:81-3-5808-1910

Department in charge: Industry and Facility Department(Including railway related)

  • TEL:81-3-5808-1913
  • FAX:81-3-5808-1910

Department in charge: Manufacturing Department(Ibaraki Plant)

  • TEL:81-280-76-8710
  • FAX:81-280-76-8715

Hermetic Seals Division

Inquiry for Hermetic Seals Department in charge:Kawaguchi Plant

  • TEL:81-48-255-5211
  • FAX:81-48-256-5623

Inquiry for Optical Bonding /Optical Filters/ Readout Lamps Department in charge:Kumamoto Plant

  • TEL:81-968-25-4144
  • FAX:81-968-25-4145

Device Division

Inquiry for Metal Plating Department in charge:Kawaguchi Plant Surface treatment Device Department

  • TEL:81-48-255-5211
  • FAX:81-48-256-5623

Inquiry for UV(Ultra Violet) Department in charge:Ibaraki Plant UV Products Department

  • TEL:81-280-76-8710
  • FAX:81-280-76-8715


Head Office Administration Department

  • TEL:81-3-5808-1755
  • FAX:81-3-5808-1760

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