Industry and Facility

In-house product / lamp

Metal Halide Lamps

Thanks to excellent feature of being compact, high performance, and long life, they are widely used at commercial facilities such as department stores and supermarkets, and at amusement facilities such as pachinko parlors and video arcades.


They are dedicated to metal halide lamps and essential device to start discharge bulb and stabilize it after ignition. It realizes stable brightness.

In-house product / LED

LED Devices

KOTO has line-ups of LED base lights, which can replace fluorescent lamp fixtures, and LED fixtures, which can substituted mercury lamps. We choose best LED devices for customers considering environment where they are used, whether indoor only, both indoor and outdoor use, cold specification, or vibration resistant specification.

LED Lamps

KOTO has a variety of lineups, for interior lighting equiped into signboards, with waterproof feature, and etc. We have succeeded in producing LED lamps easily by partially remodeling present fluorescent lamps and eventually in dealing various types of LED straight tubes for energy-saving signboards.

Products conforming to the Green Purchasing Act

KOTO has variety of products & services satisfying criteria of “basic policy” stated by Ministry of the Environment every year. We support customers to choose our products in compliance with green purchasing act.

Handling Manufacturer Products / Light Source Equipment

LED Light Source Equipment

Available to control BGBW.
Specialized in outdoor illumination as well as indoor.

Handling Manufacturer Products / Anti-Virus Products

Anti-virus products (COVID 19)

KOTO deals face recognition type temperature measurement system and countermeasure equipment for COVID19. For face recognition type temperature measurement system, it is also possible to associate with opening and closing the door and time & attendance system. Response is so quick that you can come and go without any time loss.

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