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Koto Lighting Division is comprised of three sectors:Stage and Studio,Marine, and Commercial and Industrial.

Stage and Studio - Various lighting equipments using our own technology are widely used in TV and film shooting, photography, and stage sets.
Marine - We produce a wide range of on-board and underwater lamps including our self-developed slim lamps built to individual requirements.
Commercial and Industrial - We manufacture and distribute compact, high-efficiency, and long-life lamps as well as high-performance LED lamps.
Koto Lighting Division is a total lighting solutions provider and can confidently respond to the wide ranging needs of it's customers."

Stage and Studio Marine Commercial and Industrial

Stage and Studio


Koto has 40 year history for fishing manufactuare. We have QF(Halogen lamp) and MQ(Metal halide lamp) as above water fishing lamp and QW(Halogen lamp) and MW(Metal halide lamp) as under water fishing lamp.
We have developed a new type of lamp called the ''slim lamp'' which is made of special bulbs that cut off ultraviolet rays. In addition it is light, compact, and ensuring safety.

Commercial and Industrial

KOTO produces/sells LED lamps representing LED tube "PROTEA-L". We have established the LED division in accordance with the increasing demand for LED market. We also do further research and development of LED products with our own knowledge accumulated as a lamp maker for a long time. Our metal halide lamps possess distiguishing features including compact size, high efficiency and long life. They are widely used in department stores, supermarkets, shops and boutiques, and amusement centers.